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Jade Jantzen

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Stunning Jade Jantzen never slows down, so try to keep up. This beauty with the ocean-blue eyes and adorable freckles loves staying on the move, hiking up mountains and traveling the country. But just when you think you've anticipated Jade's next step, she's on to the next thing, writing or creating works of art. Jade exhibits the same unpredictable quality in her scenes, going from missionary to doggy style to cowgirl to anal in rapid succession before settling in for a long, sensual blowjob. Her fans agree that this babe always keeps things interesting! Jade confesses that she's always had a restless soul that prevents her from staying in one place for long, and she bounced from job to job prior to her porn debut at age 21. Although Jade would never describe herself as settled down, she's finally found an industry that gives her all the variety she craves! Follow Jade's every move in her scenes below.

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