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Mandy Muse

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It's all about anal with this bodacious babe. Unlike other girls, Mandy Muse was never hesitant to go the road of the second hole, jumping right in to make the most out of every ass pounding moment. With a round and juicy bum that jiggles for days after it's spanked, Mandy has capitalized on the bountiful gifts Mother Nature gave her. Try not to get too caught up in that bouncing cushiony booty and take a look at her fresh face. You'll melt at the sight of her soft lips as they wrap around a big dick, taking it deep down her slender neck. A former cheerleader with a sweet girl-next-door face, Mandy defies all expectations with her penchant for the hardcore, rough and tumble fucking, preferring high powered penetration over the touchy feely. A fan favorite for her enthusiasm, this luscious lady's motto is "go hard or go home," and you'd better believe, once you see her you'll never be soft again.

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