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Tyra Ride

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Describing herself as having a wild and horny temperament, inked-up hottie Tyra Ride has all the assets required to travel far in the porn biz. The raven-haired stunner loves putting her big, juicy bubble butt on display while getting banged in doggy position, and she often fantasizes about being dominated by a group of sexy transwomen! Full of energy along with a vibrant personality, a wicked sense of humor, and a natural zest, Tyra is always the life and soul of every party, and she loves spending time getting together and laughing with her friends and family. When the stunning bisexual isn’t busy shooting smut, she enjoys dancing and acting in erotic shows, as well as twerking her fine ass and keeping up with the latest fashion and lifestyle trends. Don’t miss out on this big-boobed hottie - check out Tyra’s bootilicious scenes right here!

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