[China AV] Lucky director Suzu Mitake

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91CM-229 Vibrating Egg Shopping Raid Sex-Rei Mitake. Continuing is another uncensored Chinese sex film by Suzu Mitake. It's still the same pink pout as an 18-year-old girl, looking at it is amazing, guys. The film is about a young director and his trip with Suzu. He set a challenge for Suzu to use a vibrator to insert into her pussy. If she could endure 5 minutes without climaxing, she would be considered to pass the challenge. If not, I'll have to put this vibrator down and walk around the hotel. After that, he ordered another plan to secretly fuck Suzu. Waiting for Suzu to finish taking a bath, he rushed in, pressed her down and kept jumping on Suzu's beautiful body. This guy is really lucky to have found Suzu.

[China AV] Lucky director Suzu Mitake

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